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Transfer of Controlling Interest

This document should be used for General Partner or primary ownership changes.

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If you plan to transfer the ownership or controlling interest in the ownership you should submit this form at least 30 days prior to the anticipated transfer. If the project has a KHC loan or grant the review will be more extensive and will likely require more than 30 days.

Note: This form utilizes terms regarding partnerships, the most common form of ownership for tax credit properties. If the transfer involves a different type of ownership please complete and include the title of the type of entity. For example, if the entity has a Managing Member instead of a General Partner please enter the managing member information in the General Partner box and indicate that it is a Managing Member.


Project Number 
Name of Project 
KHC Contact 


Date Transfer Will Occur 


Owner Name 
Owner Address 
General Partner 
General Partner Phone 


New Owner (if the ownership entity changes) 
New Owner Taxpayer I.D. No. 
New Owner Address 
Authorized Contact Name 
Authorized Contact Email 
Authorized Contact Phone 
New General Partner 
New General Partner Taxpayer I.D. No. 
New GP Address 

Will the existing property management change with the new ownership?

If yes, please fill out the Management Update form


A $100 per affordable housing unit/Housing Credit unit up to a maximum of $2500 must be submitted. Please include the project number for reference.

Note: Any type of change in ownership, either complete change in General Partner or change in entities that form the GP, will result in this fee. For Housing Credit projects in which the limited partner is removing the GP due to poor performance, KHC reserves the right to waive this fee. In addition, KHC reserves the right to waive this fee if financially a hardship to an assuming nonprofit.


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A nonrefundable fee is associated with this form. Please be aware, KHC will not take any action to either grant or deny your request until the fee is paid in full.

Ownership Change Fee  - $0.00
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