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Garrard County

KHC's Approved Lenders

CityLenderPhoneProductsTax Credit
BereaFederation Of Appalachian Housing Enterprises Inc Dba Justchoice Lending859 228-2113TPONo
BereaMortgage Suppliers Inc859 985-5626DelegatedYes
BereaStockton Mortgage Corporation859 353-0933DelegatedYes
DanvilleRepublic State Mortgage Company859 209-2769DelegatedYes
LexingtonBank Of The Bluegrass & Trust Company859 233-8922TPOYes
LexingtonCentral Bank & Trust Co.859-253-6151DelegatedYes
LexingtonPrimelending A Plains Capital Company859 223-2200CorrespondentYes
LexingtonWesbanco Bank, Inc859 244-7284CorrespondentYes
RichmondCumberland Valley National Bank And Trust859 624-6589TPOYes
RichmondStockton Mortgage Corporation859 624-7100DelegatedYes
WinchesterPeoples Exchange Bank859-744-9400CorrespondentYes

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KHC's Approved Counselors

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KHC's Purchase Price and Income Limits

Funding Source: Secondary

Secondary Market Purchase Price Limit:



Gross Annual Applicant(s) Income Limit for Secondary Market Funds:



Gross Annual Applicant(s) Income Limit for Affordable DAP funds used:



Homebuyer Tax Credit Purchase Price Limit:



Gross Annual Household Income Limit for Homebuyer Tax Credit:

$78,240    (1 or 2 person(s))
$91,280    (3 or more persons)



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