HAP Reports System

About (HRS)

This system is provided by Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) as a way to securely share information with property owners, management agents and their authorized staff. The Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) reports contained in this system allow authorized persons to view all HAP paid to owners of Project-Based Section 8 properties.

There are four different reports that owner/agents can access:

1. Voucher Reports

Voucher reports should be reviewed monthly as a way to reconcile what you have requested against what has been approved and paid. Comments are added to these reports in order to draw your attention to any areas where our system may not match with what you have requested. When this happens it often means that additional information may need to be transmitted. Please review and respond to any comments that KHC staff has provided.

Your monthly HAP report (or often referred to as a voucher report) is available to view and/or print by clicking on the reports link and then selecting Voucher Report. Vouchers can be viewed throughout the month; however, they should not be considered complete until finalized dates, closed and date Sent to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are shown in the top left corner of the report.

NOTE: If the closed date is blank, the voucher is still being reconciled by the HAP Voucher Specialist assigned to your property. If you have questions about the report, please contact your HAP Voucher Specialist. This person is listed at the top of the report.

When the voucher is approved and closed, a TRACS MAT30 Voucher/Payment file will be transmitted to your TRACSmail address via iMAX. You may be able to save this file into your software system. Please contact your software vendor for more information on how to view TRACS messages.

2. Entity Report

The Entity report contains all contacts that we have been provided with by your agency. If any of this information is incorrect and needs to be updated please send those changes to KHC at pbcapropertycontactinformation@kyhousing.org.

3. Rent Schedule Report

The Rent Schedule report will show all the past rent increases for the property selected.

4. Payment History Report

The Payment History report is a quick way to view the total HAP that has been paid for a property along with the date it was processed.

Signatory Authority

All properties and/or management company groups have been or will be assigned a main point of contact known as the signatory authority. As the signatory authority, you are responsible for assigning staff member(s) as a coordinator for the HRS. The signatory authority is also responsible for removing staff when they leave your company and/or no longer have a business need to access the system.

The coordinators can be identified as the TRACS coordinator who will log into the system to review the reports regularly.

Once you have been given access to the system you must create your own password. Your password must not be shared. You will be required to access the system every 90 days or your login will be disabled and you will have to contact KHC to have your account reactivated.


  • Each person accessing the system must have their own login credentials.
  • Passwords must be changed every 90 days.
  • If you change email addresses after you have created your login ID you will be required to contact KHC to update your information.
  • Once an account is created, you must contact KHC to update any information.

Helpful Links

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Trouble Accessing HRS?

If you have trouble accessing the system or for general questions regarding HRS please contact KHC at pbcapropertycontactinformation@kyhousing.org

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