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Multifamily Project Modification/Waiver Request

Applicants seeking a waiver to any KHC policy or project requirement, or a modification to KHC funding amounts or terms, must submit this completed modification/waiver request form along with any supporting documentation necessary for KHC to make an informed decision. Each waiver or modification request must be submitted on a separate form; two or more waiver requests cannot be combined on one form. All associated fees must be paid at the time the request is submitted; no waivers or modifications will be considered until the fee(s) have been received. Please refer to the Multifamily Program Guidelines for more detailed information.

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Developer/Owner's Narrative of Modification/Waiver Request and Justification (please be detailed):
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By submitting this request, the owner/developer understands and agrees that a fee, as outlined in the Multifamily Guidelines, will be assessed for each request, unless otherwise approved by KHC.

Note: KHC may request additional documentation to make its determination on the request. The owner/developer must provide the requested information within 5 business days.

Submission of this request does not guarantee approval. KHC will return this form to the owner/developer with a decision.

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A nonrefundable fee is associated with this form. Please be aware, KHC will not take any action to either grant or deny your request until the fee is paid in full.

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